Saturday, July 18, 2009

Terminator IV Theme for BlackBerry Bold

Don't let your personal disgust toward Arnold Schwarzenegger distorts what you might feel when this theme is installed into your BlackBerry Bold. Just don't. First, it is Christian Bale instead of Mr. Governor who is in the leading role. Second, there's nothing Arnold in this theme. Grab it here:


Friday, July 10, 2009

RIM's Slump Sales

Whoa! Having surrounded by Palm Pre, Sprint and the new iPhone 3G, the sales of BlackBerry in overall smartphone market is decreased.
No kidding, but according to this source, the T-Mobile's BlackBerry remain solid, in contrary of its Verizon counterpart.
As for today, RIM's stocks price (Nasdaq: RIMM), is last traded on 77.05 a piece (according to Yahoo! Finance).
With the growing demands in smartphone market, along with the increasing numbers of the smartphone products and its variant by various vendor, could RIM survive? Hope so, or else...


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bertuah Award 2009

One more award, folks! This time from my friend, The Man With A Dark Hat, Dede Andro.
Here are the rules:

- Post this award on your blog.
- Place the link of the person who has given this award.
- Pass the award to ten other blogs.
- Let them know by leaving a message on their blogs.
And I'd like to pass this award to the following: Sassychick, Mommy Passionista, Life According To Me, ChloeLing, Insights, BitterSweet Life, Glenn, News-Fact, Shane and Bonita
And of course to whoever visits my blog. Feel free to grab it while it's hot.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chat With Obama

Haha. Kidding. Unless you are Joe Biden or a member of Obama's closest friends rings and families, that's not gonna happen. Nevertheless, if you are neither of above criteria (and not feel disheartened by it), you can use this app for having chat with other Berry users. This application sums up all the popular messenger apps out there such as MSN®/ Windows Live Messenger™, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, AIM®/iChat, Jabber®, Google Talk™ or MySpaceIM®. Blah blah blah...What? You have it installed already? Shoot. I'm wasting my time posting this...
For Download:

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