Sunday, May 31, 2009

BlackBerry Storm 2 Odin: A Christmas Gift?

Well...well well. Isn't it just something we all waiting for? Blackberry Storm 2! Yeah, as if we have bored with its predecessor, the Blackberry Storm 9530. Crackberry or should I say its fearless leader Kevin Michaluk throw a contest to answer the up-and-growing rumor about the BlackBerry 2 Odin launch date.
The rumor has it that the newest yet BlackBerry Storm will be released in June, the 1st. But Kevin personally thought it is unlikely, although not dismissed the idea at all. So, as my own participation to the well-participated contest I'll make my own prophecy.

First, I personally think June is too sudden. It's NOW (-8 GMT), for Odin's sake! Hehehe, but, even if RIM, in all its rushness decide to release it in June, it will fall either on the 3rd, the 10th, the 17th or the 24th of June respectively. As you can see, the dates are all fall on Wednesday. Why Wednesday?
Well, under the assumption that RIM's people always have a thorough research when it comes to the name of its device, the new Blackberry Storm PDA smartphone Odin which, as I mentioned earlier, named after the chief-god of the Norse/Skandinavian, will definitely fall on a Wednesday instead of other week days. You better listen to this folks: Wednesday is the modern form of Woden's, Wodan's, Odin's--all the variants of it--Day. What's more logic than to launch the new BlackBerry smartphone on the day which is also a homage to the same god?
Of course that only will happen if RIM's researcher and marketing team do their homework which by the way bring us to my second prophecy. Yes...there's two. A good seer must anticipate everything...
Here comes my second prophecy, which I think is more likely.
I'm afraid those who expect BlackBerry Storm 2 to come out earlier will actually won't see it until December. I had a vision concerning this. I had a vision a while back ago, involving Odin (the god not the smartphone) having a tea with Santa Claus!. I took no heed of the date nor the meaning of my vision until I read about the aforementioned contest. That was when I realize there will be a new Blackberry Storm and that it is code-named Odin.
Odin and Santa? Well, you don't need to run a top speed Freudian psychoanalysis as to guess what the hell that possibly mean, do you? Let's just say that BlackBerry Storm 2, with all its updates, or lack thereof, will indeed be a great Christmas gift.


Friday, May 29, 2009

BlackBerry In Indonesia: The Raising Storm

Kevin Michaluk of crackberry, raised an issue of the leaping numbers of BlackBerry users in Indonesia. Other source confirmed this by reporting that the growth reached 500% last year, and still growing.
It's no surprise for me, being an Indonesian and all, because in fact the BlackBerry's growth in Indonesian market is also the one reason behind my creating this blog.
Analyzing it a little, there are at least three major factors behind the not-just-steady-but-rapid-growth of BlackBerry Storm 9000, BlackBerry Curve 8900 and all of its variant in Indonesia, which mean the boost-up BlackBerry accesories sales as well. And Kevin, you might want to read this.
First is that RIM's BlackBerry has a great prestige among Indonesian. Forget about iPhone, BlackBerry is what YOU want if you are Indonesian. It still amazed me how the power of prestige can drive such frenzy. Indonesian BlackBerry users are not divided to social class nor their occupance. Here you can see politicians clumsily clutch their brand new BlackBerry Storm, soap-opera stars exchanging e-mail or simply text messages among each others with their BlackBerry Curve and grunge-looking college boys and chic college girls flashing around their shocking color-clad BlackBerry Bold.
The second is the fact that the available BlackBerry handsets are affordable since most of them come from black market. "80% of BlackBerry customers who use our service, didn't buy the handsets from us" said an Indosat spokeperson.
Indosat is one of official carriers for BlackBerry for Indonesia, the other are XL and Telkomsel. This can create a tight competition in the future, but right now the three carriers should be happy enough to survive only on their service and after-sales, since there no competiting the price of the black market BlackBerry handsets. The third factors, and the most ridiculous one I might add, maybe is the well-spread information that Barrack Obama uses BlackBerry. As we know, Mr. Obama used to live in Indonesia, and there's no asking about his popularity here during the Presidential Vote in US. Every Indonesian, who don't hold any grudge against US that is, wanted Obama to win and he did. If to once shared the same country with the President of USA is not enough for you, the next thing you could do is to have the same gadget.
How should RIM react to the amazing growth? Detiknet reported that the three vendors (Indosat, XL, Telkomsel) have already ask RIM, during the 2009 Wireless Enterprise Symposium, to either establish a representative office or providing after sale service center to anticipate the bloated BlackBerry market in Indonesia. FYI, RIM do not have any representative office in Indonesia.
So, what are you waiting for RIM? We talk about a huge market here. If you can't provide this gadget-craving people satisfying services, you might channel their big-spending-on-gadget tendency to other brand, and that will be the last "Storm" you wanted to exist.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On The Store: AT&T's BlackBerry Curve 8900

In my last post on this subject, I quote blackberrynews on their prediction as to the launching date of BlackBerry Curve 8900 with AT&T. The slim BlackBerry did hit the store in 21th May as they predicted. Now, almost a full week after the launching, of course we are curious about how good BlackBerry Curve 8900 in the market. The NPD hasn't yet release the report, whether it outsold Apple iPhone again or whether the selling performance is as good as the hype it generates among BlackBerry fans.
It seems that for At&T, the BlackBerry Curve 8900, also known as Javelin, is only a preliminary effort to test the market, as it is also reported that future BlackBerries, namely BlackBerry Onyx, Gemini, Pearl 3G and BlackBerry Magnum are ready (very likely) to seal the deal with AT&T.
While the name of the mentioned Blackberry handsets are subject to change (I prefer my OWN proposed BlackBerry names), the specifications are as surely as follow. Now, that indeed something worth to wait from both RIM and AT&T.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Free BlackBerry Themes: Star Wars

A few minutes ago, I ran some keywords through Google, and this is what I found (drum roll), Star Wars BlackBerry theme! Ok, that's not that special maybe, but, it is, if you have a blog about BlackBerry and happened to be a fans of that so-famous-it's-almost-boring franchise by George Lucas. Especially when as a child, you spent 6 months of which mad of your parents because you are not a born-Skywalker.
The day I become a Star Wars fan was also the day I unconsciously become a geek, and this in turn lead me to BlackBerry, but that's another story.
Time goes on and then the prequel of the classic Star Wars hit the movie world, introducing the fiend yet cool Sith warrior, Darth Maul. And that was when I realized. IF I have to be a geek the rest of my life, I will be the one with a dark side. A Jedi is NOT that strong anyway...too many restrictions you can't even love...look at Darth Vader for instance...the asthmatic guy he's become is a direct result of his ability to love.
Ok. Nuff about Star Wars.
I found the free BlackBerry theme above in a site which specialized in providing free BlackBerry themes. The site is literally death since there's no update almost for one year now. So I guess it's ok if I "borrow" their content.
via freebbthemes


BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download: One And Half Month Later

Hello all, today remarks the first 1 and half month of "BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download", yeaaay!!! One of the busiest month of my life that is. Stayed up late, only had 2-hours of sleep every night, blogwalking MANUALLY everyday, visiting blogs, leave comments here and there, updating my post to the point where I'm so sick of typing the words like BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Storm, RIM, BlackBerry Themes, BlackBerry this, BlackBerry that..."
You know what I mean.
This is my first serious blog, the one that has a niche that is, while my other blogs are either in slumber mode or still in developing. I met so many good people during that month among of them are let's prettify, BitterSweet Life and Ms. Dorothy during my blogwalking, and sure, I met the ridiculous and annoying too (Am I supposed to give their link too, or what?) , keep spamming and spamming to visit their blog where there actually nothing worth seeing there and the worst, the liars (always said that they done something when they actually didn't. Never!) But that's ok. You can't always expect people to be always nice all the time.
All I'm saying is that the past month was a hell of a ride. A ride in hell. And of course in hell you are allowed to have as much fun as it is in heaven. LOLs.
Have I mention the Internet bills I have to pay? No? Well, it's another nightmare too unless that this month income are MORE than enough to pay those. Yes! Finally, my blogging time pays for itself. Thanks to all of you who have visited me this past month, that's why I mentioned three bloggers above...they're my regular visitors... always nice, too. And I'll never hesitate to visit them back, support them in any way I can. You know, return the favor? I believe in the old school saying "you reap what you sow", if you want to be respected, you have to respect others, if you want to gain, you have to give. That's what I believe, and that's actually what make this month, aside from being busy, is also profiting to me. I put P for profit, Baby!
So, I bet those liars I implicitly mentioned above (at this point I barely can hold myself to not to put their link here) can never achieve this in the foreseeable future. Because they only ask and never give, lying instead being truthful, irritate people wherever they went, slowly killed the respect other's reserved for them in the process. Come on guys, blogging is exhausting already, don't make it worst for you.
Ok. Enough for that.
I also want to inform you, that the comment section is LIVE, now!!! Lols. When first I noticed that visitors can't comment on my post, I panicked. I quickly blamed the template. The sole reason why I didn't change the template is the long Friend's List I have here. I haven't back them up, and to slowly, patiently copy-paste them to the proto-exist BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download is beyond my priority (at that time I still worked on my daily income rate). So, when I realized that I only have to adjust the comment setting in my blogger account to fix that (What a moron!? Lols) I'm glad I didn't change my template in the first place. The template is doing just fine. So, I'm glad to inform you that from todays on, you can comment whatever you like on my post. I believe it's a dofollow, too...(if it's not, please someone tell me how...) so, make sure you comment here anytime you visit. Ok. Thanks everybody. Let's support and respect each other.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Games for BlackBerry

Above is the screenshot of what you will get for your BlackBerry 9000 series (Storm), or so the source say. I don't know. Try download it here.

While this is a screenshot for the games for the 88xx series you can download here.
I hope its okay for the original uploader if I put it here in my post, can't help it.
via gurudl


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friendship Chain #2

Thanks sweetdonut, for passing me this.

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and all of my friend's list. Feel free to grab it.


Friendship Chain

I want to thank krislea for passing me this Friendship Chain
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This is the easy way and the fastest way to :
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1. Picturing of Life 2. Juliana’s Site 3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space5.My Family is my Life 6. The Simple Life of a Baghag 7. On A Wonderful Day Like Today 8. House Everything 9. The Creativity in Me 10. Travel and Photography 11. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 12. You Are My Sunshine 13.Song to Remember 14. Super Blog 15. Philiippine Tv Marathon 16.Simply Blue 17. Breaking the Boundaries 18. Top Five 19. A Simple Life 20. Simple Happy Life 21. Things That Matter Most 22. Business Matters 23. Amiable AmyBeyond Photography 25. Beautiful Language 26. Beautiful Soul 27. San Diego w/ love 28. allinkorea 29. idealpinkrose 30. Krislea's World 31. BlackBerry
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin and AT&T: The Most Anticipated Union

I’ve been told by a reliable source we should see the BlackBerry 8900 Curve2 (Javelin) released on AT&T on Thursday, May 21. Earlier, the word was June or July.

I quote that from "AT&T set to launch the 8900 Javelin on May 21", an article in blackberrynews. Unquestionably, my post here is the follow-through of my post a while back ago. After an hour of googling, I found that although the joint-forces is much anticipated--regarding the pro-longed delay from both RIM and AT&T, the hype they both imbue or lack thereof--people's opinion is still concerned about whether it will be a 3G or the over-used EDGE.
Some of the comments I found in crackberry toward the issue are simply hilarious. Those who commented there seems like didn't care even if the union never happen at all. What makes the union so hype in the first place then? Well, in my opinion it maybe solely based on the fact that AT&T Wireless Network or simply AT&T, is still the sole provider for Apple's 3G iPhone, the infamous RIM's BlackBerry competitor, and vice versa. So, if indeed the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 will only be an EDGE-based smartphone, what's with the so much fuss? I guess for both RIM and AT&T the answer will be the same. "If by delaying you can create a whole new market, why not? It's business." Yeah, and business is good.
PS: Don't forget to check it out, 21st May, IS tomorrow (today, in my case).
Technorati Profile


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BlackBerry E-Book: How To Do Everything With Your BlackBerry

By Curt Simmons, 2nd Edition
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
ISBN: 0072255870
368 pages
Taken from phazeddl, posted by Mister Danger

Ok. You have your BlackBerry Curve 8900. So what? That doesn't elude you from becoming a clueless gadget owner you always are, does it? This e-book, titled "How To do Everything With Your BlackBerry" by Curt Simmons maybe is your answer to your never ending questions concerning your BlackBerry Smartphone. It helps you explain how to send messages (you are in serious trouble, dude), download the latest application, through BlackBerry App World, or simply how to keep safe it from unwanted hands (ok, that's me exaggerating). Download it now so that you can maximize your ability and knowledge of your lovely BlackBerry Smartphone by RIM.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bestel Blackberry 3GP Video Converter 3.1.2

Actually, I never use this application for my BlackBerry. You know, because 3GP is infamously used for amateur porn? And that my friend, isn't something I like...the amateur, not the porn te he he...
Nevertheless, it maybe something you've been searching for all this can convert DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, SVCD, VCD format. You can also edit the frame rate, image size and so on, so that it can all fit into your Blackberry Curve 8900, or your BlacKberry Bold or your shiny BlackBerry Storm...Enjoy


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BlackBerry's Dream for Evernote

When I first made this blog, I imagined it will be the most elaborate download site for BlackBerry Smartphone applications. In my first few posts, I simply throw whatever apps I found out there give it a link and voila, a new post created. Pathetic. But then I realize that I have quite great writing ability it would be redundant to waste it. So, as you can see, I started to blabber a little bit on this or that, giving it more personal touch to something which started as a quite drab site tagged BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download.
So, I compromise a lil' bit. I've decided I'll keep the daily rants as to fulfill my personal need of writing something worthy, and at the same time, provide the download links for your BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Bold 9000 or your BlackBerry Storm applications. And all that is within one post. How great is that? Not that great, huh? Whatev.
The only difficulties is that I'm not famous for being consistent of what I'm gonna write, lest to purposely and specifically write something about the available download I'm going to post. Uh-uh. That's not how I work.
So, I guess from now on you will be accustomed to read about how I missed my lovely dog while at the download link I provide something, for example, like the new Evernote application for your BlackBerry here. Ok folks? Consider yourself been warned...
PS: The picture above is taken from BlackBerry News.


Monday, May 11, 2009

BlackBerry Bold Versus iPhone Video

This is a video, courtesy of, which I found in Youtube. You can see here BlackBerry Bold is head-to-head with iPhone. I can't judge it for you which one is the best for it will be too subjective. (Hello!? This blog is named BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download, not iPhone Applications Softwares Download, though that will be good idea to make one :) ) BlackBerry Bold, depicted on my right screen, along with other BlackBerry series, is indeed a serious contender to the smartphone market which is, by and large, a big market with only a few players. If I am one of RIM's top decisions makers, I'll made each of the BlackBerry series its own marketing team, tech development team, separate providers and different market sector and let them compete one against each other, creating competitions or lack thereof, amidst the huge market. Die iPhone die!
No. I'm just joking...not really.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joint Forces: BlackBerry Curve 8900 + AT&T

After become the top sale in the first trimester of 2009, BlackBerry Curve 8900, the newest breed of BlackBerry Curve Smartphone by RIM, will join forces with AT&T the following summer. According to ChannelWeb,

AT&T said that users who select an unlimited data plan for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 will also receive AT&T Wi-Fi access at nearly 20,000 U.S. hotspots, such as retail stores, restaurants and airports.
That is to say, that this is another kind of "buy one get more" sales strategy which, predictably, will make BlackBerry Curve 8900 still on the top for another trimester.
AT&T as we know is the sole provider for Apple iPhone. So, is there something more behind this joint-forces act? I can't tell. Although none of both AT&T and RIM announce the exact date, yet, the rumor has it that it will be on the following summer.
BlackBerry Curve 8900 not only features a full QWERTY keypad, but also a high-resolution 480 by 360 screen, 3.2-megapixel camera with auto-focus and image stabilization and premium phone features among other features. So, let's hope that the combination of AT&T and BlackBerry Curve 8900 will create a powerful gadget which we're all will be happy to flash around.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BlackBerry Curve Beats iPhone

The iPhone lost its spot as top-selling phone to the BlackBerry Curve in the first quarter of 2009, but that doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the iPhone’s market dominance, said Ross Rubin, an analyst for researchers The NPD Group,
according to Roy Furchgott in his article on Gadgetwise, May 4th 2009. Read more from the article here

The culprit, of course on the perspective of iPhone, is the
"Buy one, get one free” deal for the BlackBerry. “That promotion pushed it over the top,” he said. Another reason is that the Curve was available through four major carriers, while the iPhone remains exclusive to AT&T.
said Ross Rubin, an analyst for researchers The NPD Group, in that article.

The interesting part for me is that people don't make up their decision to buy technology by the technology itself. Marketing strategies do work especially when there are significant competitors out there. Well, to my relief, BlackBerry Curve is the apparent winner of the first trimester of 2009. How well BlackBerry will perform in the future? Well, if RIM do apply what I suggested about what future BlackBerry should be in the previous post, I can say that there is nothing for them to worry about.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Future BlackBerry Smartphone

If I were one of RIM's creative team, the one name I should propose to the new BlackBerry Smartphone series is first, BlackBerry Celebrity. I guess it is reasonable on the following basis: uncounted celebrities are sighted using BlackBerry (Jen Aniston, The Kardashians, Kate Hudson, even Mr. Obama). Second, because it has features that match the embellish title. Cocky casing, expensive material (gold-plated keypad for example, or bling-bling-embeded LCD), super secure e-mail (like Obama's 8830) and the most cool yet, The Camouflage feature. It is a feature to literally mimic its surrounding, (if not automatically then manually by adjust the setting of the casing). Yes. This one even has OS in its casing, enable the owner to match the casing color to what they wear (just like most celebrities do) with just one-push, instead of changing it mechanically. The third reason is simply the name is in rhyme ."BlackBerry Celebrity". Cute. ...Ok. It's not that cute, who needs another celebrity, anyway? Passed. Move on.

Another series will be that of (drum rolling) BlackBerry BoyScout. "I have the ol' Storm here, what are yours?" "Well, look at my new BoyScout!"
Of course, naturally, it is designed for outdoor activities; hiking, snorkeling, diving, X-games and more. It has anti-scratch feature (with its Turtl feature), anti-break from falling, water resistance up to 200m, high altitude resistance, long-lasting battery, and super powerful signal seeker (so that no matter where you are you can connected), built-in precise GPS system and digital compass (so you don't get lost in the wilderness) and taaaraaa, the first portable radar system (RadBerry feature)! Wow! Cool isn't it? It can traces objects up to 1 mile from your location and is integrated to the GPS so you can avoid any harm when you are trekking. Dude! This is supercool or what? This, definitely will bring a whole new definition to the term Smartphone. Thanks to me.
The third and the last, for now, is what I like most: BlackBerry BlackHole.
BlackBerry BlackHole is a brand new concept for BlackBerry and even for the whole class of other smartphones. In other words, this gadget is the peak of telecommunication technology. Clad in black, it has all the peak feature of the two previous Berries: Camouflage casing as well as the Turtl, super-secure e-mail, full LCD, which is equipped by both touchscreen technology and point-screen technology. In the latter, you just need to point your stylus toward the screen to perform a task. No more delay reaction, no more scratch on the LCD surface. The stylus will equipped by a scroller to ease your scanning and screening routine. To type your email (which is also super-secure), you simply air-write it toward the LCD, and it will be converted to your chosen fonts, no more thumb numbing messaging sessions, folks!
I guess that's all for now. If only people at Rim read this post. How 'bout you? Write what you have in mind toward future BlackBerry in comment section.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Slacker Radio Just Hits a Million In BlackBerry

Yup. Not only that Slacker is definitely a must have app in your BlackBerry Smartphone, it is also the most popular. You see, Slacker Inc. has announced that the number of Slacker's download for BlackBerry Smartphone just record 1,000,000 hits! That means, as I wrote this, there's one million BlackBerries loaded with this personal radio.
It's not that surprising, though. In a recent article by Hip Hop Press, it is said the quality of Slacker radio works miracle for itself. It has more songs, which counted in millions, high-fidelity audio and, the coolest yet, station caching feature which mean you don't have to be connected to the net to listen to your favorite radio stations.
By far, says the same source, the hi-fidelity of Slacker is still the best among its competitor. Yeah, right. Which sales rep, won't say that?
But it's revealed to be true. Recently Slacker has been awarded the prestigious CNET Editors' Choice award, something which they'll never get without the quality, service, performance, design and value of their product.
Competitors, just be ready for an early declining traffic!
You can download Slacker radio freely via BlackBerry App World or simply visit Slacker Personal Radio.
Note: for the time being, it's only available to BlackBerry users in US.

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