Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On The Store: AT&T's BlackBerry Curve 8900

In my last post on this subject, I quote blackberrynews on their prediction as to the launching date of BlackBerry Curve 8900 with AT&T. The slim BlackBerry did hit the store in 21th May as they predicted. Now, almost a full week after the launching, of course we are curious about how good BlackBerry Curve 8900 in the market. The NPD hasn't yet release the report, whether it outsold Apple iPhone again or whether the selling performance is as good as the hype it generates among BlackBerry fans.
It seems that for At&T, the BlackBerry Curve 8900, also known as Javelin, is only a preliminary effort to test the market, as it is also reported that future BlackBerries, namely BlackBerry Onyx, Gemini, Pearl 3G and BlackBerry Magnum are ready (very likely) to seal the deal with AT&T.
While the name of the mentioned Blackberry handsets are subject to change (I prefer my OWN proposed BlackBerry names), the specifications are as surely as follow. Now, that indeed something worth to wait from both RIM and AT&T.


anggaarie May 28, 2009 at 10:55 AM  

tapi kantong tipis..

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