Saturday, May 2, 2009

Future BlackBerry Smartphone

If I were one of RIM's creative team, the one name I should propose to the new BlackBerry Smartphone series is first, BlackBerry Celebrity. I guess it is reasonable on the following basis: uncounted celebrities are sighted using BlackBerry (Jen Aniston, The Kardashians, Kate Hudson, even Mr. Obama). Second, because it has features that match the embellish title. Cocky casing, expensive material (gold-plated keypad for example, or bling-bling-embeded LCD), super secure e-mail (like Obama's 8830) and the most cool yet, The Camouflage feature. It is a feature to literally mimic its surrounding, (if not automatically then manually by adjust the setting of the casing). Yes. This one even has OS in its casing, enable the owner to match the casing color to what they wear (just like most celebrities do) with just one-push, instead of changing it mechanically. The third reason is simply the name is in rhyme ."BlackBerry Celebrity". Cute. ...Ok. It's not that cute, who needs another celebrity, anyway? Passed. Move on.

Another series will be that of (drum rolling) BlackBerry BoyScout. "I have the ol' Storm here, what are yours?" "Well, look at my new BoyScout!"
Of course, naturally, it is designed for outdoor activities; hiking, snorkeling, diving, X-games and more. It has anti-scratch feature (with its Turtl feature), anti-break from falling, water resistance up to 200m, high altitude resistance, long-lasting battery, and super powerful signal seeker (so that no matter where you are you can connected), built-in precise GPS system and digital compass (so you don't get lost in the wilderness) and taaaraaa, the first portable radar system (RadBerry feature)! Wow! Cool isn't it? It can traces objects up to 1 mile from your location and is integrated to the GPS so you can avoid any harm when you are trekking. Dude! This is supercool or what? This, definitely will bring a whole new definition to the term Smartphone. Thanks to me.
The third and the last, for now, is what I like most: BlackBerry BlackHole.
BlackBerry BlackHole is a brand new concept for BlackBerry and even for the whole class of other smartphones. In other words, this gadget is the peak of telecommunication technology. Clad in black, it has all the peak feature of the two previous Berries: Camouflage casing as well as the Turtl, super-secure e-mail, full LCD, which is equipped by both touchscreen technology and point-screen technology. In the latter, you just need to point your stylus toward the screen to perform a task. No more delay reaction, no more scratch on the LCD surface. The stylus will equipped by a scroller to ease your scanning and screening routine. To type your email (which is also super-secure), you simply air-write it toward the LCD, and it will be converted to your chosen fonts, no more thumb numbing messaging sessions, folks!
I guess that's all for now. If only people at Rim read this post. How 'bout you? Write what you have in mind toward future BlackBerry in comment section.

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