Sunday, May 31, 2009

BlackBerry Storm 2 Odin: A Christmas Gift?

Well...well well. Isn't it just something we all waiting for? Blackberry Storm 2! Yeah, as if we have bored with its predecessor, the Blackberry Storm 9530. Crackberry or should I say its fearless leader Kevin Michaluk throw a contest to answer the up-and-growing rumor about the BlackBerry 2 Odin launch date.
The rumor has it that the newest yet BlackBerry Storm will be released in June, the 1st. But Kevin personally thought it is unlikely, although not dismissed the idea at all. So, as my own participation to the well-participated contest I'll make my own prophecy.

First, I personally think June is too sudden. It's NOW (-8 GMT), for Odin's sake! Hehehe, but, even if RIM, in all its rushness decide to release it in June, it will fall either on the 3rd, the 10th, the 17th or the 24th of June respectively. As you can see, the dates are all fall on Wednesday. Why Wednesday?
Well, under the assumption that RIM's people always have a thorough research when it comes to the name of its device, the new Blackberry Storm PDA smartphone Odin which, as I mentioned earlier, named after the chief-god of the Norse/Skandinavian, will definitely fall on a Wednesday instead of other week days. You better listen to this folks: Wednesday is the modern form of Woden's, Wodan's, Odin's--all the variants of it--Day. What's more logic than to launch the new BlackBerry smartphone on the day which is also a homage to the same god?
Of course that only will happen if RIM's researcher and marketing team do their homework which by the way bring us to my second prophecy. Yes...there's two. A good seer must anticipate everything...
Here comes my second prophecy, which I think is more likely.
I'm afraid those who expect BlackBerry Storm 2 to come out earlier will actually won't see it until December. I had a vision concerning this. I had a vision a while back ago, involving Odin (the god not the smartphone) having a tea with Santa Claus!. I took no heed of the date nor the meaning of my vision until I read about the aforementioned contest. That was when I realize there will be a new Blackberry Storm and that it is code-named Odin.
Odin and Santa? Well, you don't need to run a top speed Freudian psychoanalysis as to guess what the hell that possibly mean, do you? Let's just say that BlackBerry Storm 2, with all its updates, or lack thereof, will indeed be a great Christmas gift.


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