Monday, May 25, 2009

BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download: One And Half Month Later

Hello all, today remarks the first 1 and half month of "BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download", yeaaay!!! One of the busiest month of my life that is. Stayed up late, only had 2-hours of sleep every night, blogwalking MANUALLY everyday, visiting blogs, leave comments here and there, updating my post to the point where I'm so sick of typing the words like BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Storm, RIM, BlackBerry Themes, BlackBerry this, BlackBerry that..."
You know what I mean.
This is my first serious blog, the one that has a niche that is, while my other blogs are either in slumber mode or still in developing. I met so many good people during that month among of them are let's prettify, BitterSweet Life and Ms. Dorothy during my blogwalking, and sure, I met the ridiculous and annoying too (Am I supposed to give their link too, or what?) , keep spamming and spamming to visit their blog where there actually nothing worth seeing there and the worst, the liars (always said that they done something when they actually didn't. Never!) But that's ok. You can't always expect people to be always nice all the time.
All I'm saying is that the past month was a hell of a ride. A ride in hell. And of course in hell you are allowed to have as much fun as it is in heaven. LOLs.
Have I mention the Internet bills I have to pay? No? Well, it's another nightmare too unless that this month income are MORE than enough to pay those. Yes! Finally, my blogging time pays for itself. Thanks to all of you who have visited me this past month, that's why I mentioned three bloggers above...they're my regular visitors... always nice, too. And I'll never hesitate to visit them back, support them in any way I can. You know, return the favor? I believe in the old school saying "you reap what you sow", if you want to be respected, you have to respect others, if you want to gain, you have to give. That's what I believe, and that's actually what make this month, aside from being busy, is also profiting to me. I put P for profit, Baby!
So, I bet those liars I implicitly mentioned above (at this point I barely can hold myself to not to put their link here) can never achieve this in the foreseeable future. Because they only ask and never give, lying instead being truthful, irritate people wherever they went, slowly killed the respect other's reserved for them in the process. Come on guys, blogging is exhausting already, don't make it worst for you.
Ok. Enough for that.
I also want to inform you, that the comment section is LIVE, now!!! Lols. When first I noticed that visitors can't comment on my post, I panicked. I quickly blamed the template. The sole reason why I didn't change the template is the long Friend's List I have here. I haven't back them up, and to slowly, patiently copy-paste them to the proto-exist BlackBerry Applications Softwares Download is beyond my priority (at that time I still worked on my daily income rate). So, when I realized that I only have to adjust the comment setting in my blogger account to fix that (What a moron!? Lols) I'm glad I didn't change my template in the first place. The template is doing just fine. So, I'm glad to inform you that from todays on, you can comment whatever you like on my post. I believe it's a dofollow, too...(if it's not, please someone tell me how...) so, make sure you comment here anytime you visit. Ok. Thanks everybody. Let's support and respect each other.


Dorothy L May 25, 2009 at 3:59 AM  

D smiles and sends you a warm hug:)
What a very genuine and from the heart post sir.
I have no idea what your name is. I have you in my imagination as

Time to exchange names at least a first name.
If you are hesitant...I understand totally.

I am so glad that your comment option is working. I will mention this to another blogger who has the same issue and no clue how top fix it.

It is always the goodness in the world that gives us the strength and capability to ignore and overcome the badness. Just realize that those who are immoral and intentionally uncool have their own monsters to deal with:)
God has a very long axe handle and dry dirt always falls off :)

I am your first commentor and I will end it now.

jay paul May 15, 2014 at 6:23 PM  

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