Friday, May 1, 2009

Slacker Radio Just Hits a Million In BlackBerry

Yup. Not only that Slacker is definitely a must have app in your BlackBerry Smartphone, it is also the most popular. You see, Slacker Inc. has announced that the number of Slacker's download for BlackBerry Smartphone just record 1,000,000 hits! That means, as I wrote this, there's one million BlackBerries loaded with this personal radio.
It's not that surprising, though. In a recent article by Hip Hop Press, it is said the quality of Slacker radio works miracle for itself. It has more songs, which counted in millions, high-fidelity audio and, the coolest yet, station caching feature which mean you don't have to be connected to the net to listen to your favorite radio stations.
By far, says the same source, the hi-fidelity of Slacker is still the best among its competitor. Yeah, right. Which sales rep, won't say that?
But it's revealed to be true. Recently Slacker has been awarded the prestigious CNET Editors' Choice award, something which they'll never get without the quality, service, performance, design and value of their product.
Competitors, just be ready for an early declining traffic!
You can download Slacker radio freely via BlackBerry App World or simply visit Slacker Personal Radio.
Note: for the time being, it's only available to BlackBerry users in US.

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