Thursday, April 30, 2009


Who do you think are the most famous BlackBerry Smartphone's owner? Kim Kardashian? Yeah, she is sexy, but sexy doesn't constitute famous, let alone global power.

“I’m still clinging to my BlackBerry,” Mr. Obama said Wednesday in an interview with CNBC and The New York Times. “They’re going to pry it out of my hands.”
reports New York Times.

Yes. It is Mr. Barrack Obama, the current President of USA, himself. He owns a BlackBerry smartphone 8830 series, which, according to some sources, is the most secure BlackBerry on Earth.
I'm wondering what features are planted in this handheld? Impenetrable e-mail services? Check. Secure phone line? Uhuh. Yahoo Messenger? Unlikely. One-push-button to the Defcon 4? Curiously there is.
But what I wonder most is, whether Mr. Obama is as clumsy as most of us when it comes to our gadget? You know, like when we forgot where we put it the last time. Does he also left his BlackBerry in the backseats? In Oval Office after a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador, to which the latter would absolutely take advantage of? Or simply when he, like we usually are, simply forgot where the last time he used it, whether it be Air Force One or the desk next to his bed? Will someone stole that goddamn smartphone like we've experienced?
Whatever. To my opinion, RIM , the maker of BlackBerry smartphone, SHOULD pay a large sum of money to Obama. Just like Google paid the Adsense publishers whenever one click on the ads on their page, the same like Google paid by the Adword clients when one click their ads. And like both, it should be counted on daily basis, you know, based on how many he was caught on camera using, or simply holding, that gadget. I mean, what promotion is bigger than this? We heard that some celebrities are willing to do commercial ads but not without a generous money on the contract? And who is bigger celebrities than Obama now? How many RIM should pay Obama?
According to New York Times
, it shouldn't be less than US$ 25 Million or US$ 50 Million. And imagine, considering that Obama is a public servant and not allowed to receive any cash from third party during his tenure, how many is the accumulation of the daily ads revenue owed by RIM in the end of his service? A lot! Well, Mr. Obama, I guess that means that whenever you retired, you retired richly. Congratulations!


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