Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BlackBerry Story

Hey! Since it is obvious that I made this blog for adsensing, apart from providing BlackBerry applications, whether that be softwares, programs, themes, movies or ringtones for free, or links to several blogs or websites that provide them, I want to share my opinion toward Google Adsense.
It is bloody hard! Especially for newbie like me who knows not about html, xml code, pay per click, page eCPM, CTR and so much more gimmicks used by Google toward its product.
I literally start from zero and still in zero-point-something point today. So, it's not my success story whatsoever yet. Although I would like to share it sometimes (when I have succeed in my adsense, that's when!).
So like any other newbies I started to find out more about adsense, SEO, keywords, Google analytics, the whole shenannigans till today.
Like most or few of you , I bumped into some scams sites, false ads, deceptive sites once and a while, even joined them sometimes in order to boost my fuckin Internet income. When I first started, I was a weekly onliner instead of daily one. I spent 4-5 hours online hours a day in a week instead an hour daily to catch up. My investment toward adsense in form of bills from Public Internet Booth is much bigger than what I've got from Adsense. I almost give up, and I did! For at least two months. But then again reality struck me dumb:If I can't succeed in something as simple as displaying ads of certain companies to others, than how on hell can I succeed in anything else? So I started again, first by investing to buy a modem so that I can go online daily, for blogwalking, posting and smile (Yeah you know what I mean) to other bloggers.
And slowly but sure my adsense earning goes up and up. And the first thing I realize is that you need to invest in order to gain profit. For me that means bought a modem and join a lame ISP (my money isn't enough yet to join the good one) and join or subscribe to something that really works you know, such clickbank to boost my income. I'm not lying: I AM trying to promote this site here. Some of the products maybe costly, but from what I read they do work. This is a sample of one that work in relation with adsense program:Buy Here!. Simple suggestion? Don't buy it if you're not ready to make an investment to gain profit. For the rest of you, feel free to find out, try and buy it.


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