Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Award! (More to follow!)

Taraaa! Finally! Thanks For Beauty Healthy who gave me this much awaited award. And now (because supposedly I have to pass this award to other seven bloggers) I will give this award to these magnificent seven:
ILOILO ON FOOT for this blogger is the first who link my blog I supposed, then to the beatles who always visiting me everyday for a week but is now ceased to do so apparently (:)), and to tripzibit whose article has helped me understand what the hell SEO is, then to ¥LoVeMeFoReVeR¥ whom I visited when I got this award (lucky you!), to Small Note whose back link for me isn't added yet (peace, bro!), to RockyMountainMom who diligently posting her blog almost every single day and finally to Bowo Mukri to boost his lame blogging spirit.
Enjoy! And last and least, for each of the aforementioned bloggers, please pass this award to other (at least) seven bloggers and don't forget to link each of the blog you give this award to and the one gave you (that's me of course!) and finally inform them about them being given an award...Thank you very much, happy blogging!


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